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The Ethical Carnivore: My Year Killing to Eat - Louise Gray

An interesting and thoughtful look at modern meat production.  Recommended.

Invisible Planets: Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction in Translation - Ken Liu

Brilliant stuff.  Can I give it 6 stars? Highly recommended.

A Conspiracy of Ravens - Lila Bowen

Suffers a bit from middle book syndrome, but still a fun read.  Some thoughts on the series.

Wake of Vultures - Lila Bowen

A fun coming of age story set as a weird western. Some thoughts on the series.

A Conversation in Blood - Paul S. Kemp

Fun new sword & sorcery in the spirit of the old school masters. Recommended.

Aquaman, Volume 1: The Drowning - Dan Abnett, Brad Walker, Philippe Briones, Gabe Eltaeb, Pat Brosseau

I was wanting bigger changes with this book.  To me, this feels very much like the Nu52. I wanted more.

Green Arrow, Volume 1: The Death and Life of Oliver Queen - Nate Piekos, Benjamin Percy, Otto Schmidt, Juan Ferreyra

It's my first taste of Rebirth! And it's fun!  Give it a try!

The Bear and the Nightingale: A Novel - Katherine Arden

Fantastic debut.  RIYL the folkloric side of fantasy. Read it already!

Goodnight Batcave - Dave Croatto, Tom Richmond

It's Mad Magazine doing that thing that they do! Recommended.

Doctor Who: The American Adventures - Various

The good news is that it won't take you long to finish.

Terminated for Reasons of Taste: Other Ways to Hear Essential and Inessential Music - Chuck Eddy

As always, Eddy is entertaining and provocative.  The nerdier you are, the more you will like the book.  Recommended.

A Taste of Honey - Kai Ashante Wilson

Well written, but a bit too far on the romance scale for my tastes.  YMMV.

Cold-Forged Flame (Varekai) - Marie Brennan

Great little sword & sorcery piece.  This reminds me of the old school without those problems.  Recommended.

IQ - Joe Ide

Sherlock Holmes in the hood.  Recommended.

A Night Without Stars: A Novel of the Commonwealth (Commonwealth: Chronicle of the Fallers) - Peter F. Hamilton

What I wanted to be a fun space opera romp was marred by genocidal aliens and an authoritarian government.  I've got that at home.

The Lost Child of Lychford - Paul Cornell

Great sequel to The Witches of Lychford.  Recommended.